Improvements/Hazards Report Form

HDC Hauraki District Council – Click Here and ask them to let you know when it’s fixed.

Examples of things you should report:

  • Support Protected Cycle Lanes in Belmont Road, Normanby Road Paeroa
  • New Bicycle Link’s throughout our town & surrounding area’s.
    • Link your favourite street for faster access to town or rail trail ride.
  • Unsafe pinch points, objects or street furniture in the way of cyclists
  • Cycle lane / road markings or signs that are damaged or worn off
  • Lack of cycle facilities at crucial locations
    • More Bicycle Stations outside retail shops
  • Broken streetlights or other infrastructure
  • Bad maintenance / road sweeping of cycle lanes, facilities


HDC Hauraki District Council Ph: (07)862 8609.

Free Phone in the District: 0800 734 834

On Line: – Click Here


New Zealand Transport NZTA

Phone Waikato Office of NZTA  – For enquiries or concerns about the transport network, please contact NZTA Waikato Office on  (07) 958 7220

Instead, you can go online to advise Waikato Transport of things that may need fixing, or to make complaints, compliments or ask queries here.


New Zealand Transport Agency

NZTA are responsible for state highway maintenance and development. Some cycleways along state highways are also managed by their contractors.

Email  NZTA –

Online – Click Here

NZTA Hamilton Office on (07) 958 7220


You can help transform Paeroa into a more bike-friendly country town, minute by minute, day by day, starting right where you are. It’s true what they say: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Go head and ask the authorities to fix things that get in the way of good cycling – or highlight how they can make things better for a wonderful mode of transport.

How to report problems on the road

On a bike, you notice things other people might miss – and sometimes, those are things that get in the way of safely riding your bike.

  • glass in the bike lane
  • tree branch in the way
  • pothole that needs fixing
  • someone parked across the bike lane

Contact New Zealand Transport Authority, Hamilton Office on (07) 958 7220, to report anything that’s impeding safe travel, on the roads or on the cycleways.  

NZTA Waikato Contact Form If you’re on a smartphone, install the shortcut on your home screen, so you can easily report problems on the go, via an interactive map.

NB Especially with parking issues, no need to put yourself in a situation where things might get aggro. Simply note the details (address, description of vehicle, license plate if you can), and make the call.

How to report dangerous driving

  • If it’s an emergency or life-threatening, call 111.
  • To urgently report erratic driving, dial *555 (free from a cellphone).
  • And you can always report a bad driver using this form.

How to fix things in your ‘Patch

If there’s something you want to change locally to make things better for people on bikes, where do you start?

  • Write a letter to the local paper or the Herald – be polite, positive, constructive, and concise
  • Contact your Local Board members
  • Spark a discussion on Facebook or Neighbourly
  • Speak to neighbours in person, the old-fashioned way (street parties are great for this)
  • Team up at Cycle Action Paeroa CAP group – or Like the Page. It’s easy!
  • Keep an eye on for updates on projects currently happening in your area – you can search at Cycle Action Paeroa or Hauraki District Council or Hauraki Rail Trail 
  • Give feedback on a current Council or Hauraki District Council consultation – the more voices the better!
  • Think tactical. (Thanks for the Link Bike Auckland) What quick fixes could transform your street?
  • If you’re having a conversation with local shop owners, here’s a great set of resources on why bikes are great for business.

How to make the world better for kids on bikes

  • The amazing Bikes in Schools charity does exactly what it says: brings bikes to schools, along with bike tracks, bike training and bike storage. Read about how it’s changing things for kids at Tamaki Primary.
  • Is traffic getting between your kids walking or biking to school? Check out this pilot scheme in Scotland that aims for car-free streets near schools at arrival and pick-up times. Could we do it too?
  • Support the law change to give pedestrians priority across side streets, as many of them are kids too – or parents walking with little kids on bikes. (Read more here).
  • Get on board with Vision Zero Auckland – because it’s time we stopped accepting the idea that roads have to be dangerous.
  • If you’re driving, slow down! Safer speeds are better for all of us. This Christchurch perspective explains how. Meanwhile, Wellington is streets ahead in creating 30kph zones through town centres and encouraging motorists to stick to ‘survivable speeds‘. And if you need any more convincing, this graphic spells it out.