Bike to the Future Awards

The Bike to the Future Awards celebrate New Zealand achievements in advancing a more bike-friendly environment and culture. 

We invite you or your organisation to nominate a project, organisation or person that showcases cycling excellence and deserves national recognition.  Self-nominations welcome!


Complete our online nomination form



Entries must be received by Friday 27 May 2016.

Nominations are for cycling projects/champions for the period 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2016 and will be received for the following categories (details on categories below):

  • Innovation Hub Award
  • Taking Communities on the Journey Award
  • Big Bike Bling Award
  • Get On Yer Bike Award
  • Bikes in Business Award
  • Outstanding contribution to a bike-friendly future

Awards will be presented on 7 July 2016 in Auckland at the 2WalkandCycle Conference

(external link)



If you have any questions about the awards please email

Entry requirements

  • Details of the person making the nomination
  • Details of the nominee
  • A 100 word summary about the nominated project/organisation/person
  • Information on how the project/organisation/person meets the five main judging criteria, noting usage survey results if applicable. If an entry is a route, please note connections to bus/rail, city/town centre, businesses, shops, schools, hospital,  medical centres, etc.

Judging criteria

  • Coverage, in terms of number of potential people affected by this initiative/person
  • Success to date of the initiative/person in encouraging more people to bike
  • Potential applicability of the initiative to other locations or organisations/level of commitment demonstrated
  • Relative uniqueness and innovation of this initiative/person’s actions
  • The extent to which partnerships were leveraged to achieve a result 

Entries require one supporting image (at least 500KB) and can include supporting letters from community groups and other organsations.

The Bike to the Future Awards are a join initiative by the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Cycling Action Network

(external link)

To sponsor a category in the 2016 Bike to the Future Awards please contact

Award categories information

Innovation Hub Award

This category covers the design, engineering or construction of a cycling facility. May relate to innovative processes, materials, designs, partnerships, procurement or delivery models. 

Nominations can be for an individuals, business, or government organisations.

Taking Communities on the Journey Award

This category covers excellence in communications or community engagement activities related to a cycling project that resulted in a community welcoming new infrastructure.   

Nominations will typically be received for central or local government agencies or community groups e.g. Councils, health boards, regional sports trusts, schools or universities.

Big Bike Bling Award

This category covers transport infrastructure projects that have had the most significant impact on encouraging more people to ride and creating a bike-friendly future.

E.g. new cycle ways, cycle parking facilities, or general roading projects that assist and encourage more people to bike.

Nominations are typically received for projects undertaken by local or central government agencies, or businesses.

Get On Yer Bike Award

This category covers education or encouragement projects that have had a significant impact on encouraging more people to bike.

Nominations range from individuals, business, to government organisations.  E.g. school education programmes, promotional cycling events and campaigns.

Bikes in Business Award

This category covers businesses and organisations that have made significant efforts to encourage and support cycling for its staff, customers, and/or clients.

E.g. cyclist parking / changing facilities, employee support and incentive programmes, and company ‘pool’ bikes.

Outstanding contribution to a bike-friendly future:

This category recognises the outstanding contribution made by an individual New Zealander to the promotion of cycling.


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