Reconnaissance of Hauraki River Trail

This morning a reconnaissance of Hauraki river trail was conducted with John Brett & Warwick Marshall from Cycle Action Paeroa.

The purpose of the trip was to navigate a Safe Friendly Bicycle route around Paeroa’s CBD & township.

The trail will need approval from HDC Hauraki District Council & Local farmers who own/lease the land. The trail will need mowing along the top of the river bank every few weeks & maybe a spray. No need to lay down expensive gravel. Maybe a cow stop here & there. Add a sign or two in the mix (Lets keep it simple Chuck!).

Families, Children Walkers, Runners, the eldarly (disabled )who love to explore their own neighbourhood can check out the map & see for themselves what a truly remarkable backyard Paeroa has to offer in the way of scenery, fresh air, farmland, livestock, bird life, our wonderful Ohinemuri river, old relic’s, historic boats, the impressive Maritime Museum. (A different view of Paeroa).

Starting off on the river bank above Mac Donald’s, continue along the river bank via the gravel trail until you reach the end of the gravel, continue on the river bank to the old Paeroa Dairy Company. There, a gate will greet you.  Climb over. Continue around the back of the Dairy Company. Stay on the upper edge of the river bank & follow this past the old sewage treatment plant. (Junction Road on right) continue along until you again reach the next gate. Climb over, stay on the river bank, enjoy walking & bicycling on the grass, continue until you finally reach the main highway , Puke Road. Once over fence (Halt…watch the traffic…mums & dads watch your children) turn left continue until the Maritime Park comes in view. Bicycle into Maritime Museum continue around the gravel trail out along to the Puke bridge, ride under neath the bridge & link back up with the rail trail…

Feedback on this proposal would be apprciated.

HRC River Trail Map

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.39.08 PM





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