Easter 2016. Karangahake Gorge

Easter a Family Outing this time of year.

It’s always exciting to head out along the Hauraki Rail Trail from Paeroa into the Karangahake Gorge through the rail tunnel & onto Waikino Train Station Cafe. Along the journey meeting up with tourists from all parts of New Zealand.

This year, hundreds of children riding their bicycle’s along-side mum & dad. I couldn’t get over the elderly riding a bicycle, looking happy whilst viewing the scenery for which the Karangahake Gorge is known for.

I happened to ride past a group from Rotorua. I was a bit reluctant at first. (Scared to ask) never the less I gained some courage & found out where they had all come from. What sparked the photo was that I was SO impressed to see ALL the children riding their Bicycles…In fact I was really excited. Not only this group, but there were more along the trail as I continued on through the gorge to Waikino. Bicycling is all about enjoyment & fun. Non of this “breaking a sweet, pacing, going hard out”…keep that at home.


Family & Children visiting from Rotorua along Rail Trail, Karangahake, New Zealand


Waikino Train Station Cafe.

Train & Passengers about to disembark from Waihi with Bicycles on board.


Southern side of Train tunnel, Karangahake Gorge


The Author on Bridge, Karangahake Gorge


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