Bicyclists…KEEP Away from Parked Car’s.

Keep away from parked car's. Drivers cannot see you in their blindspot
Keep away from parked car’s. Drivers cannot see you in their blind spot.
  • Be careful when bicycling  past parked vehicles or stopped buses, as pedestrians may appear suddenly.
  • Keep to the middle of YOUR lane.
  • Thankyou NZ Police. A perfect photo of good distance between bicycle and motor-vehicle. Keeping distance of 1.5 meters between bicyclist & moving vehicle.when passing.
  • When a vehicle is stationary, look for break lights, exhaust fumes. This is a sign the car has started and may be about to move.
  • Ride defensively. Look over your shoulder and check your mirror’s (Get a mirror if you haven’t already. Improves site visibility to your rear)

2 thoughts on “Bicyclists…KEEP Away from Parked Car’s.

  1. I agree completely, especially about having a mirror. The photo is of an EASY bit of road, with heaps of spare shoulder. How about a photo on the narrow part, where the cyclist has to block all the through traffic. How many cyclists are brave enough to do THAT?

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