Cycle Action Auckland Free-lance Writer Jolisa Gracewood Visits the World Famous Hauraki Rail Trail.

Jolisa Greenwood, with her family visited Paeroa last Friday.A very special guest from Cycle Action Auckland CAA, free-lance writer & journalist,

Jolisa became private eye for Barb Cuthbert, aka Chef de Mission of CAA Auckland, sent undercover to report on the World Famous Hauraki Rail Trail, as with the likes of the many thousands of  New Zealanders & Tourists who seek out new & refreshing destination’s. On this occasion it’s Hauraki’s backyard, a bottle, mountain & a lovely soak in a hot spring.

I caught up with Jolisa & family riding from Te Aroha into Paeroa on the outskirts of town after I became worried & concerned they weren’t going to make the trip with a distinct possibility of turning back due to the young-one becoming tired and hungry. Finally we arrived outside MacDonald’s opting to dine and settle down for lunch at One 3 One. Thank-you to One 3 One management for allowing the family to eat the oppositions kai inside your lovely restaurant.  I opted for a traditional flat white with a twirl of fern leaf….One mustn’t be choosy when my mother takes wallet & dishes out a fiver. Thats mums for ya…..

I’m always keen to hear news regarding Cycle Action Auckland CAA, be it from Facebook plus the many emails & updates from Barb C. But it wasn’t about Auckland, Jolisa felt the need to explore & write her point of view regarding the Hauraki District, the Whanau & to visit the birth place of her father…Te Aroha, then gauge the conditions of the rail trail, to meet people during her excursion, get a feeling of the Karangahake Mountain & Gorge through to Waikino & Waihi.

Whoops…What about Paeroa’s Main Street”?

A wee small note….

(We down here call the Karangahake Mountain, our Maunga, Our Sacred Mountain, It is a piece of  Taonga or treasured thing, not to be touched, nor disturbed.) eh miners! -:)

Let’s carry on…

Now look…I offered to pay for my coffee…but Jolisa’s husband said NO! NO! NO!. He insisted he pay. After the lovely huge meal with question & answer time over, we untied the bikes from the stands, applied our helmets, put packs onto the back of the bicycle carrier then proceeded to ride nice n slowly down…I say down… the main street of Paeroa on the; ….’Support Protected Cycle Lanes in Paeroa’… footpath…Yes! you heard it…footpath. We were proud commuters, more like a coming-out…Hoop rrrr…oh! who would have guessed…a Mardi Gras in Paeroa “on Bikes!”. Look…be free everybody, relax. Not wanting to be another wannabe statistic of broken bones on a state highway running the gauntlet of Paeroa, we opted for the safer route…”think about it”?…’Protected Cycle Lanes’,…..we bicyclists would rather proclaimed liberty, freedom & humbleness. WE Freedom Fighters of the New Transport Revolution…

Check this out. The art of tour guiding and one lesson I deem necessary to take away from this is…’Never Leave Your Group Behind…(What did I do)? After a dash through the Arty town of antiques, collectables or to some, just a load of crock’s, pot’s n plates & the odd pipe or two, plus an ever increasing domain of trucks, traffic, noise, congestion, increased blood pressure & a prayerful thanks to God above from keeping the group safe we concluded the short trip through Paeroa, exploring & explaining to Jolisa Cycle Actions Paeroa’s proposed plan for a Safe Secure Cycle Lane through our main thoroughfare for All people groups, who live, reside or pass through this wonderful town called Paeroa.

Time was relatively short, but rather essential to gathering of facts, plus the odd photo or two.  Jolisa gathered her family returning to the L&P bottle,….lined up for the infamous asian styled photograph….”excuse me…you take a photo?”…umm which button…1 2 3….

….Ya Hoo…Thanks Jolisa…Spread The Word…

 ‘Support Protected Cycle Lanes in Paeroa’


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